Track/Wall Sawing

The fastest and most precise method for cutting openings in concrete structures such as walls, floors and on inclined surfaces.

Wall SawingThe system consists of a track mounted cutting head and diamond blade, which is powered by a hydraulic or electric motor. The cut is made as the blade is progressively fed into the concrete making a series of passes until the required depth is achieved.

 Precise cuts

 Smooth cut face (little or no making good required)

 Fast cutting speed

 Flush cutting available

 Capable of cuttng depths up to 1005mm

 Purpose-built track saws for all applications

 Create openings in vertical and steep inclines

Floor Sawing

Floor sawing is a quick and efficient method used to cut horizontal flat surfaces such as roads, pavements, runways, car parks, bridges and slabs.

Consists of a circular diamond blade mounted on a spindle and powered by a diesel, petrol or 3 phase electrical source depending on site restrictions. Typically used for cutting large openings and surface repairs where fast cutting speeds are required.

 Purpose built floor saws with diesel, pertol or electric power sources

 Blade types and power requirements to suit every application

 Smooth cut face (little or no making good required)

 Capable of cuttng depths up to 620mm

 Fast cutting speed over flat surfaces

 Used to remove large areas of concrete

 Precise cut depths

Wire Sawing

Wire SawingThe versatile and fast cutting method is typically used for extracting large sections of heavily reinforced concrete. Ideally suited where complex sections are encountered for example: bridge sections, columns and beams.

A beaded diamond wire is fed at high speed through a series of pulleys whilst a constant pulling force is applied. The wire can cut through most constructions materials including heavily reinforced concrete.

 Removal of large and complex concrete structures

 Horizontal, vertical and angled cuts

 Confined space working

 Fume free and low noise

 Almost unlimited depths

 Fast cutting

 Smooth cut face


Hand-Held Saws

These hand-held portable devices, are ideal for construction and demolition sites where access or workspace is limited.

 Capable of cutting depths up to 250mm

 For small scale straight line cuts


 Quick and efficient

 Right-angle corners achievable

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